Regular, positive recruitment is the key to our success. We recognise that uncertainty and insecurity is perhaps the greatest deterrent to those considering a career at the Bar. For that reason all pupils at Dere Street Barristers are recruited with a view to them becoming tenants. Pupils demonstrating the necessary determination, commitment and ability will be offered tenancies.

What are we looking for?

Successful candidates will have:

intellectual ability;

an analytical mind;

the ability to express ideas clearly and persuasively, both orally and in writing;

the ability to think under pressure

an absolute commitment to hard work;

an organised approach to work;

good interpersonal skills.

Chambers is committed to equal opportunities for all and to promoting and improving diversity at the Bar. We particularly encourage applications from those in underrepresented groups.

Four pupillages per annum are presently offered. Chambers offers an award of £12,500 per Pupil for the first six months and for those commencing pupillage in 2024/2025 we will guarantee receipts of £25,000 in the second six months. 

Further, Chambers will pay the costs of attending compulsory courses as required by the BSB and those additional courses that Chambers wishes the Pupils to attend. Off-circuit expenses will in any event be reimbursed by Chambers upon production of the relevant receipt.

Pupils will be expected to work from our premises in Newcastle, Middlesbrough and York. For a more detailed account of what pupillage entails see the Pupillage Policy.

How to Apply for Pupillage

From November 2023, Chambers will use the Pupillage Gateway Portal for recruitment. 

Chambers invites candidate to apply to chambers between 3.1.24 and 7.2.24 using the Pupillage Gateway application system to search for the relevant Pupillage Vacancy and selecting ‘Apply for this pupillage’.