Expert Determination

Instructing a joint expert is standard practice is all forms of litigation (as well as non-contentious matters) to help parties inform themselves about specific features of their dispute or agreement. However rarely do parties seek a joint and impartial legal opinion.

Utilising the services of an experienced barrister to provide a joint and impartial opinion on a legal question, or questions relating to a specific point of dispute, can be extremely effective in bringing parties to the negotiating table. It is an effective tool when forging agreements between parties in non-contentious business dealings, so as to ensure that each party to the agreement is confident of the legal implications of any contractual term they may consider entering into.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced Barristers are happy to accept instructions jointly [or ‘on a joint basis’] to provide determinations on any of these (non-exhaustive) points:Business Contract Terms

Employment Contract Terms

Construction of a Will or Trust

Terms of a Lease or Property Conveyance

Compromise Agreement

Exclusivity Agreement

Insurance Contract

Asset Sale Agreement

Business Purchase Agreement

Individual Voluntary Agreement


Barristers who practice in this area of law

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