Jennie Smith

Jennie is an experienced advocate, and has specialised exclusively in family law for over 15 years. She is well regarded for her logical approach and meticulous attention to detail.

Jennie has represented parents, Local Authorities and children (both directly and through Guardians) in complex cases involving non-accidental injuries, factitious illness syndrome, sexual abuse, abduction, and baby death. She has a depth of knowledge and experience in dealing with allegations of domestic abuse and drug and alcohol misuse, including where there are mental health issues and diagnosed mental illness. She has a particular expertise in representing vulnerable adults and older children.

In the private law arena, Jennie has over 18 years’ experience handling high conflict disputes, serious allegations of domestic abuse and cases of alleged parental alienation syndrome. Jennie is regularly briefed to represent the children, as well as parents. She is caring yet analytical, which keeps her in high demand.






Notable Cases

Re L (2021) complex case involving a baby death. Representation of the Local Authority.

Re T (2021)

Single issue case involving an allegation of deliberate poisoning. Complex medical needs. Representation of a parent culminating in withdrawal of proceedings. Involved Leading Counsel on all sides.

Re B (2021)

Representation of a Local Authority. Allegations of shaking and multiple fractures in a child with complex medical presentation. Involved Leading Counsel.

Re C (2020)

Complex case involving each parent making cross allegations against the other. Involved a very young child, who had presented with metaphyseal long-bone fractures. Representation of a parent.


Re P (2020)

Representation of the child in a high conflict private law dispute involving multiple fact-finding hearings. Involved allegations of domestic violence, substance misuse and parental alienation.


Re S (2020)

Inter-familial sexual abuse involving multiple family members. Representation of the local authority.


Re R (2020) High Court.

Previous proceedings involving abduction. Representation of a parent culminating in the child being returned home.


Re S (2019)

Representation of a child victim of significant and repeated sexual abuse by a member of the family. Involved supporting the child in giving lengthy direct evidence of the abuse.

Recommendations and client feedback

The Legal 500 2023 & 2024

‘Jennie’s diligence and attention to detail are her greatest strengths. Her client manner is calm and reassuring; she finds it easy to relate to clients and clients find it easy to relate to her. She has an unparalleled ability to maintain facts and figures in her head which she can call upon whenever needed.’


Member of the FLBA

Member of the North Eastern Circuit.