Benjamin Nolan KC

Described in Legal 500 as “a well known circuit heavyweight in serious crime,” Ben has a wealth of experience in top level crime.

During his years in Silk he has led in over 100 murder cases, many of them gangland killings involving ballistics evidence both in the UK and in other Commonwealth jurisdictions.

Of particular interest are cases with an international co-operation element such as extradition and the use of evidence obtained abroad pursuant to Letters of Request and The Crime (International Co-operation) Act 2003 and its statutory predecessors. Ben has considerable experience in drugs smuggling cases involving massive importations into the UK and the alleged inducing of drug trafficking offences overseas. He is considered to be a skilled cross-examiner of expert witnesses, particularly medical experts, and his skills have been deployed in alleged child killing cases (the so-called “shaken baby syndrome”) and in trials involving psychiatric issues. Ben has been invited to review the medico-legal element of reference works on forensic psychiatry.

In his fraud practice Ben has developed a particular interest in food safety frauds and is instructed to advise on the regulatory aspects of food safety and the enforcement of food safety standards. In this respect, in particular, his practice crosses over from Crime to Regulatory and Civil Litigation, particularly in product liability cases. He also undertakes Personal Injury claims involving catastrophic injuries and complex medical issues.

Directory Recommendations

Legal 500


“Benjamin Nolan KC is a leading barrister who prosecutes and defends complex high-profile cases.”


Ben Nolan is reported in the Legal 500 for “defending Paul Mosley, the co-accused in the Allerton house fire trial.”


“A well known circuit heavyweight in serious crime.”